Product I Love: REVALÉSKIN Skin Care

by FaceDoctorette on February 16, 2010

Most of us drink coffee everyday but have you ever thought to put it on your face? A new super fruit, CoffeeBerry, derived from the coffee plant,  is exceptionally rich in anti-oxidants. Found in the Horn of Africa, CoffeeBerry was discovered to be a restorative skin treatment when the people harvesting the coffee plants noticed their hands looking remarkably smooth and nourished. According to, a 1 gram serving of CoffeeBerry Forte Extract provides the same anti-free radical power as 625 grams of fresh blueberries, 974 grams of strawberries, 1230 grams of raspberries or 2030 grams of grapes!

REVALÉSKIN decided to incorporate this powerful extract in their skin care line in order to revitalize aging skin, defend against everyday environmental stressors (e.g. sun, wind, pollution) and even out skin tone. REVALÉSKIN has five products as of yet but my favorite is the Intense Recovery Treatment. It has the most potent concentration of the super-antioxidant CoffeeBerry extract and helps hydrate my extremely dry skin. It has been said that REVALÉSKIN is a great alternative to Kinerase and Prevage, and also works well with Retin-A.

Seen in this month’s issue of InStyle Magazine, REVALÉSKIN Intense Recovery Treatment is a must have for light skinned people who want to even out their skin tone and combat the damaging effects of the sun.

Become a fan of English Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center on Facebook to receive 10% off all REVALÉSKIN products at the English Surgi-Spa. Order by calling 501-227-9556 and ask for Stefany. ;-)

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  • Chelsea Talks Smack

    ooooo, i want thiiis.

  • Face Doctorette

    You should take advantage of the discount and order it! I really like the facial cleanser too and it lasts a really long time.

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